Many students wonder how to write a quality essay in a short period of time.

Someone will say that this is impossible, because such a task as writing an essay takes a very long time. But in fact, everything is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is enough just to understand the principle of working with an essay.

Your main task is to solve a current problem in your essay.

Solving a current problem means, first of all, understanding what your essay’s topic tells you, and therefore Рas we always say Рavoiding too much time and talking only about what is required of you: you can also add considerations have nothing to do with the topic. But do it with full knowledge of the facts, and always remembering what the subject of the essay requires of you. And it is very important for any type of essay.

In this case, we have to add one more tip: if you need to write essay on pollution in 200 words, then everyone can say that pollution is damaging the planet, that the planet is not ours and that we must respect future generations. Well, nothing to complain about. But if you want to write a good, relevant topic, you will have to use the data: read what the main causes of pollution are, report which activities are the most polluting and why, ask yourself what solutions can be and what solutions you already have. In short, to create a good essay, you must gather all the necessary literature in order to study it and be ready to argue your conclusions.

It is very important to understand what the topic of the essay requires of you:

read the title carefully and identify the keywords, then associate them with each keyword identified from the data you have (percentages and numerical data, decisions already made for pollution, etc.). In short, make a framework for your topic, that is, a scheme that should be followed and which should be developed in accordance with the topic of the essay.

Completing the current essay is quite simple, unlike the introduction. Try re-reading all the essays, and then prepare a conclusion that matches what you said and which explicitly conveys the message you want to transmit. In fact, remember that what you think should appear from your topic, and that thesis and antithesis should be transformed into synthesis. You cannot speak absolutely against or absolutely for some topic. Try to provide all the necessary arguments to your reader, and then make a conclusion. Make sure your essay consists of three parts: the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. These three parts must be logically interconnected and must be harmonious. At the very end, check your essay so that there are no mistakes. You can also order a quality essay on the site by filling out a form in which you need to specify the required amount of text and the topic of your essay.

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