The structure of a thesis or dissertation results from different, often prescribed ingredients.

1st The cover sheet

When setting up a thesis or dissertation layout of the cover page gives the first impression to the appraisers. Formally, it must contain the following information: the name custom paper writing of the university, the department and the study program; the title of the work; the name and title of the 1st and 2nd supervisor / assessor; the first and last name and the registration number of the students and the deadline. In addition, it has proven itself to communicate with the auditors to indicate on the cover page of their own telephone number. Link to Ex …

second Table of Contents

The table of contents reflects the detailed Writing Bee structure of a thesis or dissertation and the detailed structure resist.

The table of contents follows immediately after the cover page. Care must be taken to ensure that it is clearly structured and logical. Each bullet can hold several points. Is a sub-item available, but at least one second must follow!

third Abbreviations

Abbreviations in the text is to be economical. Especially uncommon and personal abbreviations of the author as well as company-specific labeling should be avoided. If you use abbreviations, they must meet the standards in the “Duden”. If this is not the case, you must spell out the word on first use and behind put the abbreviation in brackets. The list of abbreviations contains only the abbreviations that are not listed in the dictionary. The formal place in the development of a thesis or dissertation is behind the table of contents and before the introduction.

4th The work – the chapter

The core of the construction of a thesis or dissertation consists of three blocks: Introduction – main section – Summary


4.1. Introduction

The introduction has the important function introduce the reviewer / reader to work and match him on the subject. For this, the introduction should lead the reader to the topic and make a distinction between non-treated aspects of the subject. Then the problem or issue of the work must be demonstrated. This is followed by the presentation of the objectives of the scientific debate connects. Then follows an outline of the structure of the work or the gear of the investigation in the individual sections. The introduction should be processed only if at least 50% of the work is “finished”.

Example of an introduction of a bachelor thesis

Find the introduction of a bachelor thesis that in three steps (Draft, comments of a lecturer, revised version) was created. The text shows how the introduction of a bachelor thesis should be designed. Bachelor thesis Preliminary example.pdf

4.2. Main part

In the development of a thesis or dissertation, the main part of divided structured according to several chapters and sub-points. Here, the idea is to be fully processed by the researched material is processed and documented. Always the circumscribed issue of work (see Introduction) as a red thread is used. The different approaches from the literature are supplemented here by their own knowledge and their own ideas. All statements must be supported by various theories, numbers or citations, as well as an appropriate source of reference.

4.3. Summary

The summary completes the work. Here are the main results of the work are summarized drawn a conclusion and an outlook on further issues and future developments.

5th Literaturverzeichnis- and sources

In the development of a thesis or dissertation bibliography and list of sources forms a central role. In this directory all the literature and all the sources that were used in the work, in alphabetical order must be (starting from the last names of the authors) cited.

6th Figures and Tables

Figures and tables are often indispensable for the development of a thesis or dissertation. If these figures and tables were taken from the literature, this is to be marked on the picture or table, even before the signature, as follows immediately after. For more faithfully transfer (. Eg scans): Source: Karl Conceived: Leisure 232. If it is, however, a substantive following, even this should be clear in the source, then it says: According to: Karl Conceived : Leisure


Have tables and / or illustrations themselves created, in which data from different sources were included, all the sources used shall be indicated in a footnote.


A special directory appears only makes sense from about five figures and tables. If such a directory is created, the figures or tables in the text of the order must be listed accordingly, indicating the serial number, title and page number.

When setting up a thesis or dissertation of the Notes is not a “melting pot” for everything “left-overs” that was collected as part of the work and was not relevant to the processing of work.

In the Annex, the materials that are not absolutely necessary for the understanding of the text include. Calculations, the results were used in the text, or the work underlying questionnaires can be presented here in more detail.

8th Affidavit

With the creation of the thesis or dissertation, the student should prove that he is at the end of his studies in a position to independently process a limited topic with scientific methodology. The support is permissible and sometimes even desired by editors and coaching. However, the copying or writing Let’s not only prohibited but also a betrayal of himself and of the Board of Examiners. With the affidavit, you warrant to have written the thesis or dissertation itself.