Learn the art of Yi Chuan in Perth, Western Australia

Yi Chuan is a martial arts style founded by Grandmaster Wang Sheng Chai in the early 1900’s after studying and testing his skill with some of the most famous Kung Fu masters in China.

My wife Sabrina, Master Cheuk Fung and I with Mr. Ian Fok, Chairman of the Hong Kong Chinese Martial Arts Association

Yi Chuan is often translated  to “Intention Fist” or “Mind Fist” because its methodology is rooted in the mind’s natural ability to unify one’s strength towards an intended purpose.  Yi Chuan practice is a study and cultivation of one’s self, a way to understand how intent directs life energy to transform dynamically into physical action, movement and power.

My teacher, Master Cheuk Fung, has studied martial arts since childhood.  Like Grandmaster Wang his knowledge and insight into Chinese Kung Fu has been achieved from distilling many styles of martial arts into their essence.  Known internationally for his explosive power and lightening hands he has gifted his students with an extraordinary method of cultivation rooted in ancient wisdom yet accessible to the modern mind.

I have now journeyed across the globe to my new home in Perth, Western Australia and am privileged to offer this method to sincere students seeking the achievements available from the Yi Chuan method of cultivation.

-Steve Ehrenreich